Breastfeeding is one of the most natural things to do. Unfortunately not every breastfeeding journey comes without worries, difficulties, or bumps along the way. I offer a variety of educational and support sessions to cover all aspects of breastfeeding before birth, as well as support once baby has arrived.


Together we can get your Breastfeeding journey off to a good start or back on track.


ONLINE Breastfeeding support session

Free Online Breastfeeding Support Session

These online support sessions will cover any questions, worries or concerns you have about Breastfeeding.

Sessions are available via chat or Facetime/skype




ONLINE Pumping Support Session

Free Online Pumping Support Session

Find out all you need to know about pumping breastmilk., finding a suitable routine, storing milk, increasing pumping supply, and much more. Together we will find a perfect pumping routine that works for you, as well as overcome all the common difficulties that can occur whilst pumping.Sessions are available via chat or FaceTime/Skype


IN PERSON Breastfeeding Consultation

IN PERSON Breastfeeding Consultation

I  offer various in-person sessions. Please see some of my services below :

~home consultation

~breastfeeding kickstarter package (10 days of support of various sessions online and in person after baby is born)

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Breastfeeding preparation class

Breastfeeding Preparation Classes

Preparation is key to overcoming difficulties - that is why I am a strong believer that during pregnancy is a crucial time to learn about what the postpartum period might entail and what breastfeeding is truly like. I offer various different packages :

~ private breastfeeding preparation classes online or from the comfort of your home

~ private group breastfeeding preparation classes. Invite your pregnant friends along and get a crash course on breastfeeding

~baby shower boobie course - learn the breastfeeding basics whilst celebrating your new arrival

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